The VersionOne Integration for Jenkins creates a record of builds in VersionOne, so development teams can associate stories and defects to a particular build. This visibility is useful when identifying problem builds or generating release notes. Once the VersionOne Plugin has been installed, team members include a VersionOne identifier, such as S-01454 or TK-01234, in the comments of their SCM commit. Every time a build executes the publisher creates a BuildRun asset in VersionOne with details of the build. The VersionOne BuildRun is visible in the Relationships for the associated Story/Defect Details page.

Using this integration you can better answer the following questions:


  • Which build the defect was reported against?
  • Which build contained the fix for the defect?
  • Which builds contain work for the defect?

For Stories (Backlog Item)

  • Which builds contain work for the story?
  • Which build contained the completed story?

For Build Runs

  • Which defects were fixed?
  • Which stories were completed?
  • Which defects were introduced?
  • When work for a story or defect was included?
  • Which Change-sets were included?

For a range of Build Runs

  • Which stories were completed?
  • Which defects were fixed?
  • Which defects were introduced?

The following sequence diagram illustrates how the VersionOne Integration for Jenkins interacts with Jenkins and VersionOne.

Jenkins Integration Sequence Diagram